Monday, September 15, 2008


so i'm a Christian... have been my entire life... i believe the Bible as fact, and have seen God work in my life in real and tangible ways. I am also a very... peaceful person... i do not debate... and i HATE confrontation. So recently i read a friend of mine's "note" on facebook... and she was simply sharing Peter's story about when he walked out onto the water, yet when he took his eyes off Jesus, he started to sink, and when Jesus took his hand he was brought upright once again... and she just said that that really reflected her life right now... how she really saw in her life how when she took her eyes off Jesus, things tend to go down hill, but when she continues to look to God, things just feel more peaceful. Her family attended my church for a lot of years, until her parents divorced... but i still know them all. Well her older brother, Tyler got on there and kinda tore it to pieces... just demeaned her insight into her faith... kinda pissed me off. This girl's been through A LOT, and i thought it was beautiful to see her writing a public "note" about her spiritual life. He asked her what kind of things Jesus could do that anyone else couldn't do for her? So i pointed out that i was pretty sure no one I knew would/could die on a cross and raise themselves from the dead to grant me eternal salvation and a place in heaven... and i also quoted Hebrews 11:1 which says "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." because one of his points was that anything in the world can be explained by logic and reason... except the idea of God and Jesus being a real person. Well, that got him going!!!!! He is now all over my tale about how the Bible isn't a "credible source of history" and how the blessing i pointed out in my life could have happened without God's help and how he thinks it's foolish to "reject" reason and logic and just believe in some invisible and omnipotent God. I hate debates... and then he says some stupid comment about how Hebrews 11:1 is like saying that if he really believes that there is a "purple unicorn" in his closet than it MUST be true because he says so... no matter what the facts or evidence. UGH!!!!!!! i'm NOT the person to freaking DEBATE with people about this!!!! God shouldn't HAVE to prove Himself!!!! It makes me angry and very sad... i SHOULD be asleep, but i couldn't stop thinking about it... so i prayed, and ended up crying because i don't want to fail... i want to beat him! i want to prove to him that Jesus is REAL! but i don't know HOW without using God's own word! my only comeback is that i'm pretty sure that "purple unicorn" of his didn't have a book talking all about him for thousands of years! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plus i've just got SO MUCH other... CRAP on my mind... heavy, big people choices to make... and i can't seem to shut down my brain... and i can't see the future... so that doesn't help at all... :P


Katy Lin :) said...

you should definitely check out the book "velvet elvis" by rob bell - has some great answers for this guy. i think it takes so much more faith to NOT believe than it does to believe - which is probably why people like this guy get so heated during discussions like this. they hate that you are challenging their fragile belief system with a huge God who is succeeding more than they would like to admit at getting their attention :) hang in there babe, i'll be praying for you!

breanna said...

shwoo! does he read any books? i'm assuming by his attitude that he's fairly ignorant??! i would suggest "the case for the creator". this book was written by an atheist who decided to study and write a book on why he was an atheist (or something like that...), in that became a christian... i'm sure you are familiar since you have a major love affair with books. LOL holler if you need more info on the book or need a copy mailed to him from an unknown/untraceable address (mine)... HUGS!

Momma said...

Hey Baby Girl....don't lose any more appears Katy and Breanna have your back big time...makes me giggle that the Lord has blessed you with some amazing Christian sisters and we stand firmly in our faith without question or hesitation in who we believe! I love you incredibly and am so blessed the Lord allowed me the privilege of being your Momma.