Friday, October 31, 2008

my husband ROCKS!


This week my husband really touched my heart by talking to another woman. I had tried unsuccessfully to book a flight ticket online multiple times and was getting very frustrated. Nathaniel was crying, it was late, i was tired, i'm not sure about the trip i was booking in the first place... i just wanted it DONE. ANd the website wouldn't accept my card because it wasn't able to match the address i put in, and the address on my card... with all our moving, i'm not surprised, but i was grouchy. So justin graciously took my phone, and called the Costumer Services line... he was one the phone repeating numbers, dates, names for about 45 min. when the call was dropped. He was a tad put out, but just called back and got it all booked and paid for... not once getting frustrated with me... though i'm sure he was thinking "Why in the world can this NOT wait til tomorrow!?!?!?!" But as i sat there, watching him... i was just really thankful for him... his street smarts when it comes to dealing with stuff like this, and his willingness to help me. I just think he's awesome... as a husband and a daddy! :)


Monday, October 27, 2008

uneventful weekend...

well, nothing truly special happened this weekend. Justin had duty from 7am sat. morning to 7am sunday morning... so i bummed around the house with nathaniel who has a runny nose and a nasty cough. :( i've turned a Mister on in his room, and babied him... even spending a night out on the living room floor because he kept waking up and crying cuz he couldn't breath... poor baby. I had to suck out his poor little nose multiple times... and you can guess he HATED that! But i believe he is on the mend... he's sleeping a lot, so i think that helps.

Sunday morning rolled around and Justin was able to get home close to 9am... they often keep the guys as long as they can just cuz they like to throw around their authority. :P Nathaniel was still not himself, so we opted to stay at home and all rest instead of go to church. I hate doing that... but justin had had 2 4hr. watches over his duty day, so was very tired... and i didn't think it would be wise to take nathaniel to nursery with his cold. So i puttered around and babied my little one all morning, while justin got some much needed sleep. After he woke up we just kinda hung out... we went for a walk and played on a playground in our apartment complex for a little bit... we didn't want nathaniel to get too cold, so we played for only a short time. Came indoors and continued with our TV shows... i've become addicted to an HBO series "True Blood"... it's about Vampires, and rather gruesome... but it's interesting. And also "Army Wives" which is much more easy to watch! :)

Today i kicked myself into gear and cleaned my kitchen, did laundry, and got my tennis shoes out and went walking. :P I am reading "The Power of a Praying Wife" and have had quite a few revelations... gee and i thought i was perfect! ;) lol but i just never knew that God commanded us as wives to keep ourselves attractive, or COMMANDED us to keep a clean house. i mean, i knew you should do both... but they hold a little bit more power when you know that they're COMMANDMENTS FROM GOD! lol so i'm trying to get better at both. I tend to like just bumming around the apartment in my sweats and playing with nathaniel if i know i'm not going out and no one else will see me or the apartment other than justin. But yeah... so thats been my weekend. :)




Saturday, October 25, 2008

i've been TAGGED!?!?!!? ;)

I've been tagged to play the "5 THINGS GAME" by katy! :) So here goes... The rules are to write 5 things under each of the 5 headings, and then tag 5 other people.


10 years ago...

1.) i was 11 years old
2.) I was still being homeschooled by my momma!
3.) i was still in GEMS at my church
4.) i was just descovering crushes and suck things related to boys!
5.) I had a TIGGER themed bedroom! lol


5 Things on Today's "To-Do" List...

1.) Do dishes
2.) Email Jen
3.) Give nathaniel a bath
4.) Fold clothes in bedroom
5.) Make sure Justin knows he's the love of my life! :)

5 Snacks I Enjoy...

1.) Popcorn
2.) Carmel and Apples
3.) M&Ms
4.) Cheese, salami, and crackers
5.) Mint-Chip ice cream


5 Things I Would Do if I were a Millionaire!

1.) Pay off family's debt... (extended family too)
2.) Pay for college
3.) Buy a House
4.) Update Family farm buildings and equipment
5.) Travel

5 Places I Have Lived...

1.) 228th St. Oskaloosa, IA
2.) Orange City, IA
3.) Friendly Dr. Newport News, VA
4.) Saint Thomas Dr. Newport News, VA
5.).... those are the only places. :S


5 Jobs i've had/still have...

1.) Server at Frosty Udder
2.) Fareway Food Stores
3.) Olive Garden
4.) "In Corretta's Care" Daycare
5.) A Mother :) (this is my favorite job so far!)


5 People I'm Tagging!

1.) Dana from Paper Memories
2.) Ashley from Jaded Mission
3.) Britt from Quietly Chootic
4.) Breanne at Glimpse
5.) Jenell at Mama on a Mission


Kreative Blogger Award! :)

Well, i have been awarded a "kreative Blogger" award by Jenell which says i need to list 6 things i value, 6 things i don't, and the pass this award on to 6 other friends! thank you dear Jenell! :) makes me smile! SO... here goes!


Things I Value
1.) My persoanl relationship with Jesus Christ and His word.
2.) My amazing Hubby
3.) My precious son
4.) My extended family
5.) Chocolate
6.) Music

Things i DO NOT value
1.) The state of Virginia
2.) Angry music (the kind you can't understand)
3.) Dirty Dishes
4.) Bad traffic
5.) Long lines at Amusement Parks
6.) Weight Scales.

now for friends... i don't have many on here just yet, but oh well. :)

1.) Ashley at jaded mission (
2.) Britt at Quietly Chaotic (
3.) Dana at Paper Memories (

:) those are all the friends who haven't already been tagged! ;) Thanks!

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband ROCKS!

so this actually happened last weekend... but if i still remember it, so that must mean something. :) Last weekend, our church sunday school class had planned a trip to the Pumpkin Farm i mentioned in my last blog. We were to meet at the church at 9:30am and all drive the hour drive to the Pumpkin Farm! I was SOOOOO EXCITED! I was mostly anxious to go because it was a small taste of what Iowa was like... a FARM! :) But Justin had duty on Friday, which meant that he had to go to work at the normal time of 6am on friday morning but instead of coming home that evening, he had to stay all night and have a watch from 4am-8am, until about 8:30am on saturday! i was SO bummed... i figured Justin would just be too tired to go, and if we did go, he'd be complaining and grumbling the whole time about how tired he was... (and after the nights i've had with nathaniel, i honestly don't have much sympathy for him)... So come wednesday, i gently bring it up... and i brace myself for the grumbling... but justin surprises me.

"Well, i guess i'll just take some civilian clothes and just meet you at the church if i can't make it home by 9."

WHAT? No, "can't we just go another time?", "But i have duty, we can't go.", no "Can't you just go and i can stay home and sleep?" He smiled at my reaction, because i have to admit, i was rather shocked! Justin is the kind of man that NEEEEEEEDS his sleep... AT LEAST 8 hours of it! and he just doesn't get that over duty days. So his automatic willingness to happily go longer without sleep, OUT and about with other people before he got his rest, revealed to me how selfless he was being in this small act. :)

I was just really touched by how willing he was to go, even with lack of sleep. I appreciated this small, but significant act of kindness on his part... It meant a lot to me that he would gladly drag his sleepy behind to a pumpkin patch an hour away and force himself to be social... just for me! I was the one who so desperately wanted to go... and breath in that earthy smell and get cute pictures. I love him for these small things... :) He's pretty dang awesome.


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*DEEP BREATH* gotta love that autumn scent. Fall is my season... i love the colors, the weather, the holidays, the food... THIS is my time of year! always has been... especially at home.

i still love fall here, but back home... it's like magic... everything changes and everything good happens. Family seems to come together to help with the harvest, spending long nights out unloading the wagons and making sure the guys are kept full of warm food in "buckets". The smell of earth is in the air as you watch the combine make it's way across the field on the horizon, leaving a cloud of corn husks behind it. A special warmth creeps into your soul as you bundle up in warm, oversized sweatshirts, long socks, hats, and jeans... helped along by the hot cup of hot chocolate in your hand. The icey breeze is even welcome. In the distance, you hear the cheers from the football game, and the marching band's cadence... the excitement of the game hovering through the air and grows contagious through the small city. Thanksgiving is coming up... and you take the time to look at the harvest, at the accomplishment that the year before has brought... and you thank God.

i have a lot to thank God for this year... i have a good marriage about 2 years in, and i have a very happy and healthy son... i have a close relationship with my family, my best friends and i are closer, i have a nice apartment, and a running car. We're able to do some fun things like go to a Pumpkin Farm... for a little taste of hime. I'm a lot better off than some people i see here... so as much as i ache for home, for the real autumn season i've always loved... i am thankful



Wednesday, October 15, 2008

7 Random Things About MWA!

So Ashley tagged me, so i have to share 7 random things about me! this is gonna kinda be hard i think... i don't consider myself a very "random" person... lol

1.) I like Japanese Anime... drawings, videos... unless they deal with creepy demon stuff. :S but i think drawings are really cool.

2.) I like bulldogs. i think they are so funny, though not the cutest of dogs.

3.) I am scared of the dark... like seriously.

4.) I have considered being an Architect. I love looking at the structure and designs of houses... for fun, i look at house plans, and clip out pictures from "Decore" magazine. lol

5.) I am seriously addicted to Chocolate. Sometimes i will be at home and have a craving for it, and will tear the kitchen apart looking for ANYTHING CHOCOLATE!!!!! and oreo, a snickers bar, a chocolate chip granola bar, even just some chocolate milk... i just HAVE to have chocolate.

6.) I have very strong toe muscles... lol VERY RANDOM, i know! i can pinch justin and leave marks with my toes. :)

7.) I like very odd, poetic music... music that has a kind of different sound, different harmony, different beat... not totally weird, like not African tribe music or anything... like, most of my "weird" music picks i've first heard on anime movies. :) They're not Japanese either, just... English, but just a little unknown and different. :)

So there are my random things... :) And now i have to tag other people!




Dana has already been tagged, and ashley tagged me... so that all my friends! lol Thanks Ash! love you!

Friday, October 3, 2008


It's friday!!!!! :D let's celebrate our men, shall we???

*sigh* lets see, what wonderful thing has my hubby done this week? many things actually... theres him taking care of me while i was sick (like, seriously taking care of me.),to him fixing up an broken computer and being able to sell it so we would have money to buy groceries and gas this month (he spent many hours taking it apart, getting parts, putting it back together, then running abunch of programs for it and making it A LOT better than it was!), to him INSISTING i buy something for myself instead of something for nathaniel with my birthday money... he's just pretty much amazing.


i guess what got to me this week though was that he really took care of me while i was sick one morning... i'd been up from 2:30am to about 4:15am with nathaniel and was battling this HORRIBLE migraine, i was sick to my stomach and had this odd lightheaded feeling... and any light hurt my head SO BAD... so i'm laying in bed trying to get back to sleep for about 45min. until his alarm went off at 5am for work... he wakes up and automatically flips on the light... i groan. He turns to me and asks what wrong, i tell him and he gets up right away and gets me some ibprofen and some water and a thermometer. He comes in and gives me the meds. and takes my temp... then proceeds to get a cool rag and lay it over my forehead and eyes... WHAT A SWEETIE! :) Right about then nathaniel starts to wake up, crying of course... but he just tells me to stay in bed, and he goes and changes nathaniel's diaper and makes him a bottle of formula... he's doing all this while he's SUPPOSED to be getting ready for work! what a good hubby! i ended up having to get up and keep an eye on nathaniel while he played anyway, but justin couldn't just call in sick to work with the Navy! :S lol but right away when he got off, he called and checked up on me, even after emailing me from work telling me he loved me. :)

i really got blessed when i found this man! :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

SLeeP DePriVaTion...

oh my gosh... i seriously don't think i've had one, FULL night's sleep since nathaniel was born, though not all of it is his fault... i have the terrible habit of staying awake until the ungodly hours of the morning... but dang, would it kill the kid to sleep past 5am?????? and when he wakes up, it's not like i can feed him, and put him back to sleep in his crib, OH NO! he eats, then is on the go! he won't play in his crib, just scream... he won't lay in his swing and fall asleep, just starts turning in circles and ends up climbing out (yes, i'm serious... 6 month old dare devil on my hands here... he seriously turns around in his travel swing- that is very low to the ground- and slides out to the floor)... he won't play in his jumper, maybe for 5-10min. but then he wants out and LETS YOU KNOW IT!!!! He wants to be on the floor exploring!!!!! which, i can't just fall asleep and let him do! there are things he can get into... so i get up at 5am (after only about 2-5 hours of sleep) and have to sit up and keep an eye on him until he gets tired and needs his early morning nap... then i am finally able to get a nap too! but this is a problem on a day like today... i have MOPS at 9:30am... but i need to be there ahead of time, and i have to shower and get dressed... so i have to start getting around at about 8am... and THATS about the time nathaniel decides to chill and take a little nap! UGH!!!!! plus i'm sick... or something... i've had a headache for about 5 days straight, and i've been having dizzy, lightheaded spells, and also been a little queasy... which i fully intend on asking my doctor about on tuesday.

but anyway... i love being a mom, but i would REALLY love being a mom if it included even 6 hours of solid, deep sleep... which i think i'll MAKE happen this weekend. It's my birthday on sat. anyway... so justin can dang-well get up and take care of nathaniel! HA!!! I know he will anyway... he's sweet like that. ;) Well, nathaniel is actually fussing now, so maybe he's ready for a nap EARLY!!!!!! :D

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

*Award Acceptance*

Well, my sweet friend Katy awarded me a blog award! i haven't been on here long, but i've enjoyed SO MUCH getting to know her, and many other friends better through their blogs! :D i live in Virginia, and so most of my friends live in iowa... so i miss out on lunches and get-togethers. But THANK YOU, Katy! I feel so special to know you consider me a good friend!


This award comes with a questionnaire:

1. Do you have the same friends since childhood?
Some... i have one friend whose parent's went to the same birthing class that my parents went to! I was homeschooled though, so i didn't have a TON of friends, but the friends i did have are still dear to me, yes and i keep tabs on them. :)

2. What do you value most about your friends?
I value friends who are honest, and take the time a good friendship demands. i love friends who understand the idea of "give and take"... i also value easy-going attitudes in my friends... i hate drama!

3. Are your friends your sounding boards?
All the time! i'm very indecisive... and a second guesser. :S i need the wisdom of my friends in a lot of big decision i make.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?
Watching movies, singing, and eating... :) i love friendships that are so comfortable you can sit and watch pointless TV and movies with... not saying anything, not forcing any kind of conversation, just sitting and relaxing... yet when you go your separate ways, you feel like you've still sat down and poured your heart out to them...

I'm also supposed to share this award with 4 other friends... :)

Ashley, at Jaded Mission
Dana, at Paper Memories
Britt, at Quietly Chaotic
Breanne, at Glimpse

LOVE YOU LADIES!!!!! Thank you again, Katy! You are all so special to me!