Saturday, October 25, 2008

Kreative Blogger Award! :)

Well, i have been awarded a "kreative Blogger" award by Jenell which says i need to list 6 things i value, 6 things i don't, and the pass this award on to 6 other friends! thank you dear Jenell! :) makes me smile! SO... here goes!


Things I Value
1.) My persoanl relationship with Jesus Christ and His word.
2.) My amazing Hubby
3.) My precious son
4.) My extended family
5.) Chocolate
6.) Music

Things i DO NOT value
1.) The state of Virginia
2.) Angry music (the kind you can't understand)
3.) Dirty Dishes
4.) Bad traffic
5.) Long lines at Amusement Parks
6.) Weight Scales.

now for friends... i don't have many on here just yet, but oh well. :)

1.) Ashley at jaded mission (
2.) Britt at Quietly Chaotic (
3.) Dana at Paper Memories (

:) those are all the friends who haven't already been tagged! ;) Thanks!

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