Friday, October 24, 2008

My Husband ROCKS!

so this actually happened last weekend... but if i still remember it, so that must mean something. :) Last weekend, our church sunday school class had planned a trip to the Pumpkin Farm i mentioned in my last blog. We were to meet at the church at 9:30am and all drive the hour drive to the Pumpkin Farm! I was SOOOOO EXCITED! I was mostly anxious to go because it was a small taste of what Iowa was like... a FARM! :) But Justin had duty on Friday, which meant that he had to go to work at the normal time of 6am on friday morning but instead of coming home that evening, he had to stay all night and have a watch from 4am-8am, until about 8:30am on saturday! i was SO bummed... i figured Justin would just be too tired to go, and if we did go, he'd be complaining and grumbling the whole time about how tired he was... (and after the nights i've had with nathaniel, i honestly don't have much sympathy for him)... So come wednesday, i gently bring it up... and i brace myself for the grumbling... but justin surprises me.

"Well, i guess i'll just take some civilian clothes and just meet you at the church if i can't make it home by 9."

WHAT? No, "can't we just go another time?", "But i have duty, we can't go.", no "Can't you just go and i can stay home and sleep?" He smiled at my reaction, because i have to admit, i was rather shocked! Justin is the kind of man that NEEEEEEEDS his sleep... AT LEAST 8 hours of it! and he just doesn't get that over duty days. So his automatic willingness to happily go longer without sleep, OUT and about with other people before he got his rest, revealed to me how selfless he was being in this small act. :)

I was just really touched by how willing he was to go, even with lack of sleep. I appreciated this small, but significant act of kindness on his part... It meant a lot to me that he would gladly drag his sleepy behind to a pumpkin patch an hour away and force himself to be social... just for me! I was the one who so desperately wanted to go... and breath in that earthy smell and get cute pictures. I love him for these small things... :) He's pretty dang awesome.



janellybelly said...

That is SUPER special! I LOVE that pic you posted too! Was it from the pumpkin patch?

Britt said...

They just keep you falling in love over and over with great things like that, don't they? :o)

That picture is ah-dorable .. your lil' guy is just gobble-able!

Katy Lin :) said...

awwww . . . what a sweetheart! :)

Katy Lin :) said...

oh, and tag, you're it :)

A happy heart at home said...

That was so nice of him!