Wednesday, October 22, 2008

*DEEP BREATH* gotta love that autumn scent. Fall is my season... i love the colors, the weather, the holidays, the food... THIS is my time of year! always has been... especially at home.

i still love fall here, but back home... it's like magic... everything changes and everything good happens. Family seems to come together to help with the harvest, spending long nights out unloading the wagons and making sure the guys are kept full of warm food in "buckets". The smell of earth is in the air as you watch the combine make it's way across the field on the horizon, leaving a cloud of corn husks behind it. A special warmth creeps into your soul as you bundle up in warm, oversized sweatshirts, long socks, hats, and jeans... helped along by the hot cup of hot chocolate in your hand. The icey breeze is even welcome. In the distance, you hear the cheers from the football game, and the marching band's cadence... the excitement of the game hovering through the air and grows contagious through the small city. Thanksgiving is coming up... and you take the time to look at the harvest, at the accomplishment that the year before has brought... and you thank God.

i have a lot to thank God for this year... i have a good marriage about 2 years in, and i have a very happy and healthy son... i have a close relationship with my family, my best friends and i are closer, i have a nice apartment, and a running car. We're able to do some fun things like go to a Pumpkin Farm... for a little taste of hime. I'm a lot better off than some people i see here... so as much as i ache for home, for the real autumn season i've always loved... i am thankful




Katy Lin :) said...

beautiful! you are a very talented writer my dear!

IRW Dana said...

You have wrote everything in my heart so perfectly. Is it because we were each born in the fall that we LOVE it so much?
Nathanial looks adorable with the pumpkins. By the pictures you would never know you were so far from home. The Lord is so good in blessing us where ever we are. Praying for you as you continue to pray about your big decision. LOVE YA