Friday, October 3, 2008


It's friday!!!!! :D let's celebrate our men, shall we???

*sigh* lets see, what wonderful thing has my hubby done this week? many things actually... theres him taking care of me while i was sick (like, seriously taking care of me.),to him fixing up an broken computer and being able to sell it so we would have money to buy groceries and gas this month (he spent many hours taking it apart, getting parts, putting it back together, then running abunch of programs for it and making it A LOT better than it was!), to him INSISTING i buy something for myself instead of something for nathaniel with my birthday money... he's just pretty much amazing.


i guess what got to me this week though was that he really took care of me while i was sick one morning... i'd been up from 2:30am to about 4:15am with nathaniel and was battling this HORRIBLE migraine, i was sick to my stomach and had this odd lightheaded feeling... and any light hurt my head SO BAD... so i'm laying in bed trying to get back to sleep for about 45min. until his alarm went off at 5am for work... he wakes up and automatically flips on the light... i groan. He turns to me and asks what wrong, i tell him and he gets up right away and gets me some ibprofen and some water and a thermometer. He comes in and gives me the meds. and takes my temp... then proceeds to get a cool rag and lay it over my forehead and eyes... WHAT A SWEETIE! :) Right about then nathaniel starts to wake up, crying of course... but he just tells me to stay in bed, and he goes and changes nathaniel's diaper and makes him a bottle of formula... he's doing all this while he's SUPPOSED to be getting ready for work! what a good hubby! i ended up having to get up and keep an eye on nathaniel while he played anyway, but justin couldn't just call in sick to work with the Navy! :S lol but right away when he got off, he called and checked up on me, even after emailing me from work telling me he loved me. :)

i really got blessed when i found this man! :)


Katy Lin :) said...

awww! he sounds wonderful! what a sweetheart! thanks for joining us! i'm so glad to have you! :) you're the only person i know in real life who has jumped on our bandwagon :)

Anna Mae said...

lol thanks! i'm not sure if i'm all the way plugged into the "My Husband Rocks" system... how do i get on that "MHR Participants" list? :S lol it's so fun!