Monday, October 27, 2008

uneventful weekend...

well, nothing truly special happened this weekend. Justin had duty from 7am sat. morning to 7am sunday morning... so i bummed around the house with nathaniel who has a runny nose and a nasty cough. :( i've turned a Mister on in his room, and babied him... even spending a night out on the living room floor because he kept waking up and crying cuz he couldn't breath... poor baby. I had to suck out his poor little nose multiple times... and you can guess he HATED that! But i believe he is on the mend... he's sleeping a lot, so i think that helps.

Sunday morning rolled around and Justin was able to get home close to 9am... they often keep the guys as long as they can just cuz they like to throw around their authority. :P Nathaniel was still not himself, so we opted to stay at home and all rest instead of go to church. I hate doing that... but justin had had 2 4hr. watches over his duty day, so was very tired... and i didn't think it would be wise to take nathaniel to nursery with his cold. So i puttered around and babied my little one all morning, while justin got some much needed sleep. After he woke up we just kinda hung out... we went for a walk and played on a playground in our apartment complex for a little bit... we didn't want nathaniel to get too cold, so we played for only a short time. Came indoors and continued with our TV shows... i've become addicted to an HBO series "True Blood"... it's about Vampires, and rather gruesome... but it's interesting. And also "Army Wives" which is much more easy to watch! :)

Today i kicked myself into gear and cleaned my kitchen, did laundry, and got my tennis shoes out and went walking. :P I am reading "The Power of a Praying Wife" and have had quite a few revelations... gee and i thought i was perfect! ;) lol but i just never knew that God commanded us as wives to keep ourselves attractive, or COMMANDED us to keep a clean house. i mean, i knew you should do both... but they hold a little bit more power when you know that they're COMMANDMENTS FROM GOD! lol so i'm trying to get better at both. I tend to like just bumming around the apartment in my sweats and playing with nathaniel if i know i'm not going out and no one else will see me or the apartment other than justin. But yeah... so thats been my weekend. :)




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Katy Lin :) said...

1) Turn the water on as hot as it will go (we did it in two different sinks at the same time, and we happened to have the washing machine running, too)
2) Pour about 1/2 a bottle of liquid dish soap down the drain.
3) Pour equal parts (we used 1/2 cup) salt, white vinegar, and baking soda one after the other down the drain
4) Leave the water running for 5-10 minutes
5) During that time, we went from the kitchen to the basement where our cleanout access is and added a large amount of liquid laundry detergent and powdered dish detergent at that point in the line.
6) After adding that, we let the water run for a few more minutes - steaming hot (our hot water heater was set to 140 degrees, F)

Hope this helps!
Katy Lin