Thursday, October 14, 2010

my goodness... it's been far too long...

the things that have changed! WOW!

Justin is home and i'm loving it. He easily found a job (totally a God thing!!!!!) But now we are again back in limbo because we MIGHT be getting back into the Navy, BUT Justin would be holding a position as a Navy Reserve Recruiter, so it would make it so we could live here for about 5 years without having to event think about moving, which would be nice. So we're waiting waiting... :) whats new?

Our relationship bounced back REALLY well after his move home... we've had a couple small bumps in the road, but nothing that we didn't end up laughing about afterward. :) Nathaniel and Justin's relationship is great as well... Nathaniel has tried to challenge Justin's authority a few times, but he's 2... thats to be expected!!!! lol

I am back in school for the year at Central College, as well as working... AND staying busy with homework, church, and staying connected to my family. You can blame school with my lack of blogging! It's a tad overwhelming this year... though next semester, i don't plan on taking such a heavy load of classes.

But this is where i am now... when i first started this blog my husband was away, i was living in a tiny little apartment, i was searching for a job, i was attending a few classes at a comm. college, and parenting my son on my own. My family is now back together, we own a home, i'm working as a photographer, i'm attending the college i always wanted to be at, and my son is over 2.5 years old!

this is the journey... i hope to be a more active blogger, starting today. Just a little something everyday... homework i'm doing, food i make, song of the day... we'll see. :)

OR... i might be too busy. lol it'll be sporadic. ;)

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Katy Lin said...

i miss you . . . hope you're doing well! love katy lin p.s. my word verification ended with "preg" and i thought that was ironic ;)