Friday, November 22, 2013

I kinda suck at this game.

SO... I've discovered that I basically SUCK at this whole "consistently blogging" thing. I pop in time and again throughout the year to, for some reason, broadcast my thoughts and family's doings for the world. While, really, who is reading? Ha! I admire those moms who blog every day, or even every week. And it's not like I don't have the time... it's just not a priority and I don't feel any responsibility to the blogging world. NO ONE out there is waiting on pins and needles to hear my thoughts and opinions... even if I've got plenty of them.

SO... to get me a BIT more excited about the whole blogging experience and maybe make my page a TAD more inviting, I think I'll invest some time into the design of my page and add some tags and such to categorize the different things I want to write about. Kiddos, pregnancy, politics, cooking, teaching, photography, TV/Movie/Book reviews, spiritual revelations... Like I said, I actually DO have a lot to say, not that you'd gather that from my weak blogging skills up to this point. :S *face-palm*

SO... this little blurp of a blog is just a little heads up to the great big world of blogging to !WATCH OUT!... I just MIGHT amp this blog up to a weekly thing! ;)

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