Monday, January 5, 2009

baby steps...

well, i've kinda-sorta been MIA lately... i just feel like theres not much to blog about in my life... even the holidays left me feeling like i lead the ultimate boring life! lol BUT... i am back and will try to blog more often.

Nathaniel is now 9 months old, has one small tooth, and has taken his first steps and is well on his way to destroying our home even more! Thankfully it was a night where Justin and i were BOTH home and purposely working with him. :) i had the camera and justin was walking with him, then letting go and calling nathaniel to him. lol so he had our undivided attention! He is now trying to stand and walk by himself ALL THE TIME! :) soon he'll be climbing... i don't know WHAT i'm going to do then! i have lots of shelves and bookcases!!!!

Justin and i have decided to have me move home... and we are currently investigating the option of buying a house... applying for a loan, checking out houses, talking to realators. I have mixed feelings about it... excited to be HOME, with family, going to school, and buying a house... BUT, the uncertainty of it all scares me, and the thought of being so far from my husband for so long makes my heart ache. It will not be easy... or fun, really. But things have just kinda fallen into place, and justin feels confident in this decision. I think this takes a lot of stress off his shoulders... and maybe adds it to mine, but i feel like thats ok. It will maybe even be good for me. ??????? But... we were kinda in this limbo, and it was freaking us both out and we really just needed to make a choice. So we did... and we're walking in faith and praying that God is going before us. I intend on spending a lot of time at school, with my family (both sides), and at the gym.

I know that living this far apart for a husband and wife will have very..... touchy, vulnerable, and sensitive situations involved. Our communication will have to be sharp, and we will both have to watch our company. So as much as i love my guy friends... i'm gonna have to be careful about hanging out with them. this is new to me... but out of respect for Justin, i think i should limit hanging out with my guy friends to hanging out in groups, if that. plus, I'LL just feel more comfortable that... i don't want rumors going around Oskaloosa!!!! Just my luck some old lady from my church would see me having lunch with a guy friend and the next day everyone thinks i LEFT my husband in VA and am having a hot affair!!! LOL LOL Pa-LEASE! I just don't want that starting... and i'm not even gonna sit here and preach, "I don't care what other people think!" because i do... i do a lot, and i think we should. When we take on the "I don't care what people think! I'll do what i want!" attitude, thats when people start getting in trouble, and getting hurt. So i'm mostly gonna have GIRL NIGHTS! Which i'm PUMPED about! :D lol

I also want to spend a lot of time at the gym for 2 reasons... 1.) i want to look smokin' hot for my hubby whenever we see one another! HAHAHA! 2.) my ex-very-serious-bf recently got engaged... and i need to look SMOKIN' for that wedding!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! i'm so evil, i know! ;)

and here are some pictures from over the holidays! :)



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Britt said...

Oh, you crack me up! =-) Seems ladies of all shapes, sizes and genders like to talk smack, hm?

I'll be praying for you guys!

Happy New Year =-) .. um, just a few days late, hm?