Saturday, June 6, 2009

i have 4 less teeth... and it SUCKS.

ugh... so wed. i had my wisdom teeth out... and i have to be honest, i was more freaked out about having this little surgery done than being induced to have a child! I was VERY thankful for the anti-anxiety pill they gave me to take before i even came in! i was so relaxed by the time i hit the chair in the office, i hardly noticed them even putting in the IV. So i was a happy girl! :) then i hardly remember anything of afterwards... up til that evening. All i remember is a very sweet nurse asking me to squeeze her hand, and telling my mom that i would be waking soon... well i never REALLY woke up til about 5pm! :S but i vaguely remember having the nurse help me out to the car, and then seeing the couch. then thats about it. hahaha! All i can say is that Hydrocodone is a miracle pill... i love that stuff! best sleep i've got in over a year!!!! But i had to get off that stuff the next day because it's highly addictive. But i'm doing well now... my mom was AMAZING and made sure i ate, slept, and that Nathaniel was cared for... which was the biggest thing. I'm back at my apartment for the first night tonight though... and my jaw is still extremely sore and stiff, i'm guessing from how far they had it open for the surgery. :S but i'm healing well so far, and i'm trying really hard to do everything i can to NOT get dry sockets. eek...

other than that, i'm getting ready to be in a wedding next weekend... all the bridal showers are over, and the bachelorette party is done... WHAT A RELIEF! AND i'm getting ready for my trip out to see Justin! only 8 days!!!!! it's bitter-sweet because i know that this will be the last time that i'll see him til January of 2010. wow... sounds even worse when you put the YEAR with it. *sigh* but i think that he's gonna take some leave time while i'm there... just so he won't be at work 1/2 the time i'm there. We're hoping to go to Water Country, a large water park out there... i know that nathaniel will LOVE it, and I'LL love watching Nathaniel and Justin playing together! :) oh gosh, i can't wait. Justin and i also hope to spend a lot of time just the two of us... we hope to go out dancing (because thats something i've wanted to get justin to do FOREVER... he insists he can't dance :P), and we hope to go to King's Dominion, a theme park. We would take Nathaniel with us, but we're big rollar-coaster nuts... so we really want to be able to do that... but maybe we'll try to talk a friend to go with us who wouldn't mind chilling with Nathaniel while we ride those rides. :) I'm very excited just to be with him... vegging out on the couch, watching movies, cooking for him, welcoming him back from a day at work and cuddling with nathaniel. :)

we are very close to buying a house... but are kind of back-tracking now because we're re-thinking the type of loan we're gonna use. We may go with a local bank and use a regular loan, rather than go with a military credit union and use a VA Loan. :S doesn't seem TO ME that we gain much by going the military route, and we get a whole lot more financial assistance going locally.

anyways... thats about it. :) anxious for the wedding, and even more anxious for sunday, when i fly to VA... and EVEN MORE anxious for next monday... when i get to hug and kiss and love on my amazing sailor. :)

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