Tuesday, May 3, 2011

...The Web Quest Challenge...

For my Introduction to Instructional Tech. we've been working on whats called "Web Quests"... which is basically an online scavenger hunt that a teacher designs for their students. They have themes, and then present a specific process through which students are meant to follow in order to meet the assignment's requirements. It can be as in-depth, or as basic as the teachers wishes to make it... which has a lot to do with what age they are teaching.

I was assigned to design my own Web Quest... based on the age i want to teach, and the subject i am studying to teach. I am planning to teach secondary school, which means i could be teaching anything from 9th to 12th grade, and i'm studying Social Science and focusing on U.S. History, World History, and Psychology. Because i'm mostly studying history, i choose to focus my Web Quest on the Holocaust. I then had to build an entire quest around it... this included an introduction, an explanation of the process i wanted them to follow, directions, questions for my students to find answers to, the website links that held those answers, a conclusion, and a rubric by which i would grade them. It was HUGE. i think mine ended up being close to 7 pages long! A lot of this was because of the 40+ questions i included, a map i included for reference, and the rubric table. *sigh* Though, as much of a pain as it was to think up, organize, write, and design, after it was done, i'm actually pretty proud of it! I hope it earns a good grade. :) I present it TOMORROW... :S EEK!

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