Monday, April 18, 2011

The Technology Gender Devide

Today we talked about using technology in class... safety issues, ethical issues, Fair use (concerning what is considered copyrighted and such), and Copyright laws. During the period of time of talking about ethical issues we talked also about the Gender Devide, and about how for most high school computer classes, there was a 4:1 ratio of males to females enrolled.

Though i agree that every female SHOULD have the right and ability to use and explore technology, i simply believe that most females would simply CHOOSE to have more personal relationships, and more emotionally rewarding careers because of female's naturally more emotional genetic make-up. I'm not saying every female, but the majority. When i googled the female to male ratio at MIT, i found this article: "Male/Female Enrollment Patterns in EECS at MIT and Other Schools" It states that females "accounted for only 22% of the degrees in Electrical Engineering. In Computer Science, women accounted for only 15% of the degrees awarded--the lowest ratio of any MIT undergraduate program with more than a few majors.", while in other areas they accounted for about 32% of degrees awarded. Still.... less than half.

Now as a future teacher, i really couldn't care less if ALL my female students wanted to become computer scientists, THATS GREAT... BUT my personal experience tells me that that is not likely. I would encourage any female student to FOR SURE educate themselves on how to bank online, navigate their way around the workings of a computer, and become aware of how to maintenance their computer. But i personally think that most high school girls would MUCH rather go shopping, join a softball team, hang out and talk and look at magazines, and have those face-to-face interactions than sit for hours and take apart their calculators or computers and put them back together, or even sit with friends for hours at a time, eyes glued to a tv screen, and talking via head-set. Men simply don't NEED that relational, emotional connection like women do. This IS coming from a wife that has had 3 men piled into my living room for 24hr. gaming marathons... so granted, i could be a bit bitter. ;) But as i have observed my husband, as well as my sister's boyfriend... MANY times they have chosen video-gaming, computer-building, and computer-involved activities, RATHER than time outdoors, sports, productive work around the house, and time with family. Personal observations that ran through my mind during class... :)

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