Monday, April 4, 2011

Class Activities Monday, April 4th

today in class we're exploring 2.0 Web Tools... and i've found LOTS of cool sites!

One of my favorites is, where you basically just play a game to earn bowls of rice that are then donated to hungry people all over the world! now when i first opened it up, it automatically went to a vocab-themed quizing game, which i loved (and rocked at)! And in a matter of about 10 minutes, i was able to win and donate 1000 grains of rice! I LOVE this! Easy and fun way to make a difference! Check it out HERE!

Another fun thing i could use in my classroom is this White House Scavenger Hunt... found HERE

I could also basically make my own for different websites, with a lot more questions! This could be used as a class/group activity to do in class, as a take-home quiz/homework, or if a made a really big one with really hard questions, i MIGHT do it as a take-home test! WAY good idea, i think!

CNET News also did an article on the year's 100 Webware Tools WINNERS... found HERE which talks about all the different and most popular tools that can be used and found on the internet, most of them for free! As a future teacher, i think it's important that i at least be familiar with these. Personally, i already use a lot of them... such as Facebook (social network), Picnik (online photo-editing program), Pandora (customizable radio station), Craigslist (online buy/sell/trade site), as well as YouTube (online video-sharing site). For sure YouTube could be used in the classroom, as well as Google or GoogleChrome and other search engines. Loving all these new tools that i'm learning to integrate into my classroom! :)

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