Saturday, April 2, 2011

*personal update* just a little bit busy!

A few things have happened these past few weeks that indicate that i am maybe just a little bit crazy. Twice now when people ask what i've been up to i've replied honestly... "Going to school full-time at Central, 27 weeks along in pregnancy #2, working part time at a photography studio, running around after my 3 year old... staying busy, ya know?" hahaha! i guess that response deserves a few funny looks! Many times i just get the response "Wow.", to which i can't really argue, because they don't even know the half of it! lol

But as i mentioned, i'm still going to school full-time at Central College... it's slightly (or not-so-slightly) overwhelming most of the time, but i feel good knowing that i'm getting closer and closer to being done and having a college degree! I have an Environmental History and Policy class that i'm doing ok in, a Modern Latin America class that is NOT fun, a Human Relations class that is speeding up (lots of things due in the next few weeks!), a Developmental Psych class that is fun and interesting, and then that Intro. to Instructional Tech. class that i'm actually involving my blog in! :) Have any of you peeked at my Voki or Wordle? lol I've enrolled for next fall's classes, none of which i'm REALLY excited about. But at this point, i just want to get classes DONE and i need to keep my GPA up. :S eek! Only 6 more weeks of school!

then we can move on to the next big event for our family...

I'm now 27 weeks pregnant... and things are progressing quite uneventfully. This is the last week of my 3rd trimester, which is hard to believe! I'm getting more and more tired as i haul myself around... stairs are my worst nightmare at this point. lol Swelling isn't too bad so far, thankfully! And neither is weight, surprisingly! At 25weeks i had only gained 7lbs! I'm pretty proud of that, taking into consideration that i gained 40lbs with Nate! :S i don't want to get even CLOSE to that this time around! :S EEK! We've moved Nate to a big boy bed, and moved the crib into our room... though we need to fix a few things on it. :S I've only bought a few things... a pack 'b play, a few little outfits, some burp clothes, and some new bedding. I'm excited for when school is done and i can focus on getting ready for baby! :) only 13 more weeks until baby is due!!!!! :D We've basically picked a name... but i'm still kinda hoping for "Noah". Justin is in love with "Weston" though, so we might be stuck with that. lol

I'm still working at Digital Galleria Designs (which, by the way, now has their own blog! :) Click HERE to check us out! It's fun to be back at work, and i'm taking advantage of the time i have there, as after June i no longer will be a formal employee there because of baby and my need to focus on school! :S It's a bummer, but my awesome boss was great about telling me i was welcome back through the summers, or anytime in the future! I'm so glad! i certainly do love taking pictures, and learning new things... the GPA is just demanding more attention. UGH. :( But i'm looking forward to getting maternity pictures taken within the next couple months, and then taking baby in there for pictures once he's here! ;) I wouldn't want to go anywhere else, thats for sure! :)

Nate turned THREE on March 21st! I can't believe it!!!!! He is getting so smart, and loves anything to do with John Deere, Thomas and Friends, or being outside! I don't think he really "gets" that he's going to be a big brother, but i think he'll be good at it. :) For his birthday we did a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, and with the help of my sister we made a cupcake train! it turned out SO CUTE! My sis is just so talented! I was so thankful for her help!

Nate loved it! We had so many people here, and honestly there were many people who we didn't get to invite because of the limited space in our little house. :S SOME DAY, we hope to be able to fit ALL the people we love into our little home! :) Nate was spoiled ROTTEN this year with the gifts he received! And Great-Grandma and Grandpa even made him a special Thomas cake! It turned out great! Can't believe my little man is growing up so fast! I love watching his personality develop, though! He certainly makes every day fun and interesting! ;)

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