Saturday, July 7, 2012

"Fresh-Face" Fast!

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So... i've come to the conclusion that i kinda suck at blogging. How long has it been??? wow.
To kick off getting back to blogging, i'm taking the challenge of doing my very first "fast" (though i'm doing a 30 day challenge instead of the full 40)... of makeup. I'm not a HUGE makeup user, by any means.  I use a general, cheapo moisturizer, foundation, concealer, eye-shadow, and mascara, and sometimes when i want to get really fancy... eye-liner. And i don't put a lot of money into it, i go to wal-mart and stick with a general brand.  BUT, i'm not doing this to save money, or take a stand against any certain brand or product... i'm doing this for ME. 

Let me explain.

Along with blogging, i also suck at loving ME. I avoid mirrors, cringe at videos of myself, and would MUCH rather be behind a camera than in front of one- which i think a lot of women feel! I just don't like the way i look.  Not necessarily my face (actually, my face is about the only body part i don't mind), but my self-love is almost non-existent.  So i am taking this challenge to get it through my head that yes, i am WONDERFULLY MADE by the same God that created the stars.  

I've looked at some of those awe-inspiring photos from the Hubble Space Station, and if THOSE don't convince you there's a God, i don't know what will! So why should i not think that the same creator took as much care and love and put it into ME?  He did.  He made me beautiful in every way, and i need to "get" that! 

So, i'm doing THIS in hopes that i will gain an appreciation for my Creator's work.  This site linked explains some of the rules, and hopes.  

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Anonymous said...

"This was made by the same God?" LOVE that. :) I have a very hard time reconciling that myself. Hopefully by the end of this we "get it," or at least, are closer to accepting it. :)