Saturday, November 8, 2008

MY HUBBY ROCKS... a day late.


Well, last night justin and i decided to take nathaniel out on a date! we had 2 Olive Garden gift cards, so went there... we had to wait for a seat for about 45 min, then once we got our seat nathaniel started getting fussy. i just don't think he liked sitting in his carrier... i think we're gonna have to start just carrying him, and letting him sit in a high chair thing. But so i took him and changed him, but we was still left unsatisfied... Justin inhaled his food, then once he was done, he took on the job of entertaining Nathaniel so that i could sit and enjoy my meal... he played with him, tried to show him how to color, went and mixed up some formula... i just thought it was SO SWEET of him to inhale his meal, so that i could enjoy mine.


another amazing thing he's done is this... i've been planning a trip home for the time period of while he would be out to sea. From the day after Thanksgiving to about the 13th. Well... the military changed their plans... and totally flip flopped the time he would be gone and the time i would be home. ugh! so my parents offered to pay for the change... and i was torn, because my Aunt had already planned to wait til i arrived to have our family Thanksgiving, and i also really wanted to take Nathaniel to the Osky Lighted Christmas parade... but i wanted to extend because otherwise i'd be home alone, but also i wanted to be home for my grandpa's birthday, and my best friend who now lives in Tennessee would be flying home on the 13th! ugh! SO... justin encourages me to just extend the trip, while keeping my arrival date. Thats a long trip! and that leaves him here alone for about a week and a 1/2. I was apprehensive about it... i felt bad for leaving him... but he was so sweet and just said, "i want you happy, and home makes you happy... if you have the chance to stay longer, you'll be happy longer"... LOL i told him that it's not like home is the only thing that makes me happy and that HE made me the happiest, but i understood what he was trying to say. :) He also said "I want everyone to see Nathaniel and how awesome he is! Go and enjoy!"... I think he's also wanting a little bit of time to just himself before he has to go live with 2300 other people and have NO privacy! :S but heck, I DON'T BLAME HIM!!! lol so i extended my stay at home. i'm pretty excited... :) and justin just makes me love him all the more when he's so selfless like that... you don't find that quality in men often. lol I love him so much. :)



janellybelly said...

What a guy...& Yay that you get to go home! Glad everything worked out! =0)

Katy Lin :) said...

awesome! :) what a sweetheart! :)