Sunday, November 2, 2008

TV night...

Well, justin has been gone all day, and i've spent the entire night doing NOTHING. Justin had duty starting at 7am this morning, and will not be back home until tomorrow evening after work. ugh... hate these days/nights. i always freak myself out when bedtime comes around... i always think i hear something or see some shadow... eek. :S

I"m making a short trip home in late nov./early dec... justin is going out to sea for about 10 days, so i decided to fly home for about 2 weeks... but DON'T TELL ANYONE! We're making it a surprise for my grandparents. :) my grandpa will FREAK OUT when i walk in the day after Thanksgiving. :) i THINK i'm looking forward to it... i'm getting really worn out flying all the time though... i really wish that my family could come HERE... but i know it's just easier if i go there, more people can see me... bla bla bla. :P i'm just tired of packing up everything i need, and everything nathaniel needs... then hauling it all back and having it laying all over... i feel like i'm ALWAYS living out of a suitcase... whether i'm here, or there... and i hate running through the airport, and not having a car when i'm there, and worrying about justin maybe missing something... ugh! oh well... just part of the military-life, huh?

so... the election is upon us... i can't wait for it to be over! i'm not ashamed to say i've already voted for McCain... i went my MORALS, not my pocketbook. :) maybe i'll feel like listing all my reasons and asking for debate on Election Day... but not tonight... i'm feeling too lazy tonight... like every night mostly.

I have a whole list of things i SHOULD be doing. unloading the dishwasher, doing MORE dishes, folding the HUGE pile of clothes on my bedroom floor... but have i even TOUCHED those things???? NOOOOOOOOO!!!! ugh... i disgust myself... i don't know why i HATE doing those things so much... they are just so repetetive, and unappreciated. Justin doesn't notice... or at least he doesn't say anything if they are or are not done! he doesn't care! BUT... i need to kick my butt in gear and get to it... right Katy? :S so... in about 10 min. when my show is over, i'm gonna go pop some popcorn, get a movie, and go back to my bedroom and get to work. :P

... maybe. :P


janellybelly said...

LOL...I TOTALLY have laundry to fold and dishes to do too. We had a lazy day here as well. I'll be praying your night goes well and at least you get to be with fam when your hubby leaves! ;]

Katy Lin :) said...

;S totally understand, i only got about half of my list done last week - but, gotta move on and focus on what i can do now, i guess! excited about your trip, even if it does mean living out of a suitcase. you'll have to come over for supper or something if you have time :)