Tuesday, March 31, 2009

in this together...

well, the move has happened... and justin is back in Virginia... i'm looking for a job... still unpacking... looking for a house... looking forward to august.

For now i am doing ok... the weekend has been busy, so i haven't really had time to sit and THINK about the fact that justin is over 1000 miles away now. and i think thats good for now... because i think if i dwell on it, i'll get depressed. so i want to hurry and get busy with a job and church before the rush and "newness" of Nathaniel and i being home dies down. I went back to my old job today, where i assumed and was assured by family, and other employees at the workplace that i would surely be re-hired because of the fondness i left behind, and since i'd been trained to work in the office rather than just on the floor... but was told that they weren't handing out applications right now, and were expecting college students back for the summer... i was VERY disappointed and slightly shocked. BUT i'm trusting that God has something better for me right now... so i am now applying for other jobs. all i need is part time... so i'm not TOO worried.

also looking for a house... which is proving to be much more frustrating to do by myself than i thought. there are so many things to think of... sq. footage? roof age? siding age? basement? is there leakage? garage? how big? appliances included? neighborhood? eek, SMALL bedroom... DOUBLE eek, a jail-sell style bathroom???? furnace age? central air? why is this ceiling SO low??? whats with the Star Trek decor??? Love the built-ins!!!! fireplace? does is work?? could that wall be knocked out? price???????? annual taxes?????? updates needed? wait... offer... no, wait. :S SO MUCH. and with my dad commenting on EVERYTHING... it's crazy.

the health-care transfer is confusing too... even more frustrating when nathaniel is sick, and i want to take him in, but don't know if i should. Dental is even more unknown... but we got it figured out and i have an appointment next week to hopefully take care of my wisdom teeth. ugh... so hopefully by this time next month, i will be a few teeth less. i don't think i've ever been EXCITED for a dentist appointment... but my stupid teeth have kept me up nights... so i want them OUT.

but things are going ok... this is a new journey... and i think it's gonna be a hard one... more emotionally, than physically... but hard none-the-less. But i'm just praying that the next couple years go fast.

I just really miss justin... things are hard. We don't really talk much... cuz when he' on the ship, he can't get a signal on his cell phone. So that takes about 75% of the day. Then the other 25% of the day i'm usually busy... out somewhere... with other people... just not really able to sit and TALK. So we've set up a phone date on saturday. I'm locking myself in my apartment, ignoring ALL other calls, or texts... and justin and i are gonna talk. :) i might even ditch nathaniel at my mom's. lol But this is what we're gonna have to do for now... til aug, hopefully. :)


anyways... thats the update. I'm now gonna go cuddle up in bed, turn on some TLC (for noise, mostly), and am gonna read my Nora Roberts book.



IRW Dana said...

Keep those "date" nights as much as possible. The more you talk the more connected you will be. We're here praying for you both. Love Dana

Anonymous said...

hey you! thanks for the update! been thinking about you lots! prayin august comes quickly!

~hon~ said...

Oh wow! You look so beautiful, my friend! My favorite picture of you. Perfect hair and smile. You look so lovely! Great photo of a wonderful family.