Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2.5 weeks down...

it's only been about 2 and a half weeks since justin went back to Virginia... and i think it's finally hit. It usually takes a week or 2 for the separation anxiety to really touch me, but it's hit... and is threatening to really knock me off my feet. It seems that Satan knows how to get to me too... in really hard, intimate ways... ways i never saw coming... but isn't that the way he always gets at you.

the loneliness really caves in on me once i'm really alone... like, once my family leaves, things just start popping in my head... i start thinking and missing and pouting.

i guess i just never thought that i would be battling the things i'm battling now... i really just need to dive into the Word, and rest in God's embrace while i wait for my husband to be with me again. But i can tell this is not gonna be as easy, emotionally OR physically, as i thought it would be.

This blog might turn pretty intimate, and serious... we'll just see what comes.

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Fritzie said...

=-( Praying for you sweetie! Only be as serious and intimate as YOU want. If people don't like it .. well, that's what the x is for =-)