Thursday, April 30, 2009

whats up?

oh boy! everything has been a whirlwind the past week or so! We've still been searching for a home, and i think we've come to a place where we've got it narrowed down to 2 houses... one thats move in ready, the other that we would have to update and put our own mark on. I think we're gonna pick #2 because we think the re-sell value will be more, and the bedrooms are bigger. and i'm just in LOVE with the character of the home! ;) There are some major perks to the 1st house, that i hate walking away from... the yard (big!), NICE updated kitchen, all one level, finished basement... ugh. BUT... i don't know. BUT, we're making a choice between the two houses, then we're gonna make an offer. :D CRAZY! i can't believe we're gonna buy a house!!!! WOW! :D

other than that, i've been working out like nuts, and have tanned a few times. :) I haven't lost ANY weight... but i see a change in my body because i'm toning up! :) i love it! and i love working out... i ran a mile in great time (for me) the other day, so i am PUMPED. :)

i have a job interview today at a local restaurant. I hope i get the job... but i am afraid i won't because i'll need so much time off through the summer, and i won't work sundays. :S BUT i figure God will work it out that thats exactly what they need if i'm meant to have that job. :)

started a weekly bible study with a group of my girlfriends... so i've been having a lot of fun with that.

Nathaniel is good... teething still, so he's not the happiest camper. but he's growing and loving being with our family. :)

but thats the update!

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