Sunday, February 8, 2009

a day to praise our God...

Today was GLORIOUS... a wonderful day... one that made it SO easy to thank God for loving us. *sigh*

Justin had to report to the ship this morning and won't be home until tuesday... i am getting used to him coming and going for days at a time... every 10 days he's gone for 2 days, and this past week has been crazy with him being away for a full 24 hours, to 4 days at a time... he is now gone til tuesday, and then he'll leave again on friday morning and be gone until monday... it makes for a VERY long weekend... i usually get shopping done, errands done, and go to the gym to fill the time... plus a WHOLE lot of time on the computer and just playing with my little man.

but today was beautiful... it would have been MORE beautiful if Justin were home, but God did great as far as lifting my spirits. The sun was out, not a cloud in the sky, and the temperature was a fresh 70 degrees! As i drove home from church i had my window down and my sun-roof open... the breeze was flowing through my car, my baby was happy and giggling in the backseat, and things were just good. We got our tax returns without any problems and that was a HUGE relief, and that will cover the moving expenses as well as 1/2 my school loan in order to get my transcripts released. My son is fed, clothed, and healthy. My husband and i are in love, hoping and planning for a honeymoon later in the summer and we trust one another to be apart. I love my God... and i feel like i'm headed in the right direction and i feel Him near me.

i took a deep breath and thanked God for the sun and for every blessing... Today was a good day.

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IRW Dana said...

It does my heart good to hear how wonderful things are going for you. It's always the little things that make us appreciate our great big GOD! Were are you going for your honeymoon?