Thursday, February 5, 2009

ooooooooooh boy...


first off, we've decided not to buy a house... sad. but once we added EVERYTHING up, it was DOable, just not wise, we felt. So we decided to RENT a house... any ideas? :S NOT easy to find a house from over 1000 miles away! We're both disappointed, but i KNOW that we will be way more ready to buy our home in 2 or 3 more years. Once justin is out of the military, i'll hopefully have a decent job, and we'll have a better idea of where our finances are and will be. So now we are full swing into trying to find a place to rent. We only about about 3 to 4 weeks... so the pressure is on. :S eek. i'm going to start gathering boxes in the next week or so and will start packing things up. big goals for someone is hadn't even packed up CHRISTMAS DECOR! Good heaven... i've got a lot to get done. ugh. We're also kinda hoping that justin's best friend will make the trip and spend the week before hand with us... helping us pack, load the truck, and then help take shifts in driving. My dad thinks it's silly... but i'd like HIM to be the one in the car with Nathaniel in the back seat for about 20 hours, 4 hours at a time over 2 days! HA! isn't gonna work, sorry. And it's actually cheaper to drive both the car and th truck rather than rent the equipment to tow the car... plus i'm not real comfortable having Nathaniel in the front seat of the UHaul truck... even if he is in the car seat. :S

secondly we're thinking about taking advantage of a great Disney deal through the military. i know, i know... go to Disney World, but can't afford a house? ok the only reason we're even THINKING about it is because Justin gets in free, i can get in for only $99, and we get 40% off our stay at a Disney Resort. :) sweet deal huh? i'm pretty excited... we still need to save some money, but with a little of our tax returns, plus what we'll be saving from living at home in iowa... we should be able to pull it off. :)

Nathaniel is walking around... not great, but pretty well. :) it's SO cute! he also has tooth #2 poking out! YAY! Thats about it for now... i know, my blog is way boring compared to everyone else's... but oh well. this is me... pretty straight forward, laid back... ya know. ;)

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Britt said...

Oofta .. busy girl! I'd totally help pack boxes, but that's hard all the way over here =-) Feel free to holler when you're unpacking though. =-)

I'm praying for you guys!

That Disney deal is awesome!

And no, your blog is not boring. I'd rather read real than filler any day =-)