Friday, February 6, 2009

My Hubby Rocks... first time i WANTED to kiss him.


Well, i'm missin' my hubby so i'm gonna do ALL the MHR Inspiration Promts! :) He is on the ship this week... he's been gone since Wednesday, won't be home til tomorrow morning, then he has to go BACK Sunday morning and stay til monday or tuesday, THEN they're going OUT to SEA til the NEXT sunday... SO, i will spending Valentines Day with my mini-Valentine, Nathaniel. But anyways... i'm missing my hubby, and just want to talk about him and think about him all i can... :)

1.) "Tell us about some of the things that you and your husband do to just have fun together!"

We love to have a movie night... but we kinda go all out. :) we put nathaniel to bed, rent a movie off this Apple program i think, pop popcorn, light a few candles, and pull out the Hide-a-bed from the couch! :) it's fun... we don't have a real tv in our room... it's TINY, like 5" by 5"... so we prefer the larger TV. It's fun... :) and it's just different, so it's a tad exciting. ;) lol

2.) "Tell the story of a memory about your husband that brings you a smile and a giggle every time you think about it!"

oh my, the story that automatically comes to mind is one from before we were even dating. :) We were flirting around, "friends" that happened to cuddle once in awhile, he'd asked me out many times, but i was playing VERY hard to get and kept saying no. But this one day... one HOT day in April 2006, school had let out early, and me and some girl friends went to lunch and had a big, fun day planned! I got to my car, bouncing around and excited for our day... when my car made this SICK coughing noise! OH NO!!!!! ugh. So i try to call a few friends from school... ya know, car guys. But all of them are either far gone after the early release, or not picking up. *bitter* So i call my good 'ol pal... Justin Schaefer. I describe what it's doing, hoping it's an easy fix i can do myself... cuz i feel funny calling him, cuz i know he likes me, but i'm not in love with him at all (yet), and i honestly didn't want people from my school seeing me with this random, New Sharon, guy... :S But he INSISTS! (surprise, surprise) So he comes to my school. and works on my car, gets it running. :) YAY! Thanks! Bye! Not only am i a snob, but i don't ask him to lunch and just drive off, avoiding telling him about lunch at all! *sigh*gives self dirty look*

so we went to lunch, ate our fill, and i went out to my poor blue lumina and turned the key. it again made that sick, coughing noise, and refused to start! i was so mad! i had places to be! People to see! and justin was already HOME... AND i didn't want him knowing i'd been so rude as to not invite him to lunch. ugh. So we called my friend's boyfriend who worked at a tire shop just down the street... thinking, "oh, he works with tires... he must know about coughing engines too!" No such luck. He got there, opened the hood, stared for a minute or so... and announce, "I have no idea." Thanks. So i swallow my pride and call my friend, Justin Schaefer. I was mad in my head because i didn't want to NEED him, didn't want to give him the satisfaction of coming to my rescue... but i called him, told him what was going on and what it sounded like... thinking he could just tell my friend's bf what to look at. No, he drops everything and drives the 20 minutes to the restaurant to fix my car! how sweet. :P so he's in his jeans, hair all curly and messy, he's got this cut-off t-shirt on so his FINE arms are showing themselves off... i hated to admit it. but i fell in love that day. :) he came to my rescue TWICE, took me being MEAN, showed off his MUSCLES... all with a big smile. So i sat in my car... watching him work on my car, sitting besides my friend and decided... "I want to kiss him." My friend was shocked. IIIII was shocked! and all of a sudden... INCREDIBLY shy. She encourages me, but i laugh and refuse, but hug him, and give him that shy look... and we make plans for that night. :) I always giggle when i think of that day...

3.) and my Valentines idea... i was gonna do an "edible bouquet"... one of those fruit bouquets! BUT... since his schedule is all up in the air, i think i'm gonna go with my plan B. :) ya know those flip-calenders... the ones in businesses and the dentist office? they always have a cartoon, or bible verse or whatever... BUT i'm thinking about making my own... kinda. I think i'll buy one, put pictures over the cartoon/bible verse, and put MY OWN memory, bible verse, or note under the picture. :) i got this idea because i'll be moving home soon... and so to start off his day with US, even though we won't be with him, i'm gonna TRY this... we'll see how it goes. :S

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Britt said...

I think that calendar idea sounds awesome!

I'm making Kelly a picture/memory book with all our meaningful receipts and stuff in it. He loves mush like that =-)